Glue Down LVT Installation

Vinyl Flooring
Glue Down LVT Installation,

Installation Overview
— The main difference between floating and glue down method is the additional spreading of the glue on the subfloor.
—Do not spread glue on more area than you can work with.
—An area the size of two installed rows is a good starting area.
—The steps described in the floating installation are the same for glue down installation.
—Always follow adhesive manufacturer’s instruction.

Installation Procedure
 —Spread the glue width of two initial  starter rows.
 —Install the first row of planks.
 —Install the second row. Ensure you are  locking the edges.
 —Spread another section of glue.
 —Install another two rows.
 — Repeat spreading glue/install planks  cycle until all flooring has been installed.

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